Shri Bakshi Pratap Singh ॥ Tagma-e-Shatrunash ॥ Himachal Pradesh ॥

By | April 28, 2020

Q. Where/When did Shri Bakshi Pratap Singh born?

Ans: Shri Bakshi Pratap Singh was born on 20th October 1912 at village Chadiyar near Jaisinghpur, district Kangra.

Q. What was the education qualification of Shri Bakshi Pratap Singh? 

Ans: Shri Bakshi Pratap Singh was educated upto Matric.

Q. Role of Shri Bakshi Pratap Singh in National Freedom Movement and his Military Carrer? 

Ans: Shri Bakshi Pratap Singh joined the British Army in the year 1931. On 1st September 1942, he joined ‘Azad Hind Fauj’ (INA). He was one amongst the three lakh soldiers of INA, who launched the first assault against the British.

Q. How did Shri Bakshi Pratap Singh he received the honour of  “Tagma-e-Shatrunash’? 

Ans: On 5th-6th February 1944, at midnight he entered all alone in the British camp; killed a guard and injured an army officer, and also got injured himself. For his exceptional courage, he was awarded “Tagma-e-Shatrunash‘. His unit fought without food for 14 days in a guerilla war, which continued for one month.

Q. What was the political career of Shri Bakshi Pratap Singh? 


  • Shri Bakshi Pratap Singh was elected an M.L.A on Congress ticket in 1952 from Palampur.
  • From 1957 to 1962, he was Deputy Minister in Punjab.
  • In 1966, after the merger of the Punjab hill areas with Himachal Pradesh he became Revenue Minister and Vice-President of Himachal Pradesh Congress Committee.
  • From 1972-77, he was Vice-Chairman of National Saving Advisory Board.
  • He was presented with a merit certificate and a gold medal for his work in the promotion of small savings.

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