Fairs and Festivals of District Solan

By | June 2, 2020

In the district, a number of fairs are held throughout the year. A few of these are elucidated below:

Sharad Purnima Fair:

  • This fair is held at Unchagaon (Kunihar) in a ground surrounding the tank for two days in the month of January-February.
  • It starts from ‘Puranmashi’ and lasts uptil the next day.
  • It is held in the honour of ‘Sharad Purnima’ and ‘Devta Dano dev’ whose temple is on the bank of the tank.
  • Worship is done on ‘Puranmashi’ and ‘Sankrant’ by a Brahmin.

Dev Bara Fair:

  • It is held at Mangal Kandar for three days from 21st March to 23rd March.
  • This place is about 81 kms. from Shimla.
  • The fair is held in the honour of ‘Devta Baru’.
  • The deity is brought to Mangal Kandar on the 20th March.
  • The idols of the deity are adorned with ornaments and cloth pieces.
  • It is cooked and distributed among those present.
  • On the 21st March, prayer is held.
  • After this, the deity is carried on the shoulders by two persons and a dance is held.
  • This continues for three days.
  • On 23rd March Devta Baru is taken back.

Bani Fair:

  • Bani fair is held on the 8th May at Hardev Pura Shankli which is 3 kms. from Kunihar.
  • Wrestling bouts are the main features of this fair.

Sayari Fair:

  • The fair is held for a day at Baili adjoining Kunihar on ‘Sankrant’ in September.
  • A cattle show is arranged and the owners of best animals are given prizes.
  • This fair is also held at Arki for two days.
  • A wrestling bout is also held during the fair.

Koti Fair:

  • Koti fair is held at Koti village in Solan tahsil in the month of May/June for a day and a night.
  • The fair is held in the honour of ‘Mira Devi’ whose temple is situated here.
  • Sometimes a baby show is also arranged in the fair and the children who are healthy and in good physique are given gifts.

Solan Fair:

  • Solan fair is held in the honour of Shoolini Devi whose temple is situated in the southern end of Solan.
  • The fair is celebrated every year on the 2nd Sunday of June for four days.
  • Wrestling is a prominent feature of the Solan fair.

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