Mountain Peaks in Himachal Pradesh

By | November 6, 2016

In our previous posts, we talked about Mountain Passes & Jots of Himachal Pradesh and Protected Monuments of Himachal Pradesh.

Today we discuss about the Mountain Peaks in Himachal Pradesh. Himachal has been blessed by the mountain Gods in abundance. From its Northern corner in Lahaul to its Southern corner in Sirmaur, you will see peaks scaling massive heights all around. 

The highest mountain peak in Himachal Pradesh is Reo Pargyul located in the Kinnaur District that stands at a gigantic height of 6816 meters. The lower Himalayas Shivalik, Dhauladhars, and the Great Himalayas Ranges pass through the state. 

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Name of the Mountain Peak District/ Location Altitude (in meters)
Riwo Phargyul Kinnaur 6816
Shipki Kinnaur 6608
Manirang Spiti 6597
Mulkila Lahaul – Spiti 6520
Kinner Kailash Kinnaur 6500
Jorkaden Kinnaur 6473
Dibibokri Pyramid Kullu 6400
Gyephang Lahaul – Spiti 6400
Phawarang Kinnaur 6349
Shigrila Lahaul – Spiti 6239
Indrasan Kullu – Manali 6220
Shikar Beh Lahaul – Spiti 6200
Shilla Kinnaur 6100
Mukar Beh Lahaul – Spiti 6070
Gephang Goh Lahaul – Spiti 5890
Deo Tibba Kullu 6001
Solang Kullu 5975
Pir Panjal Chamba 5972
Maiwa Kandinoo Kullu 5944
Hanuman Tibba Kullu – Kangra 5870
Bara Kanda Bharmour 5860
Pishu Kinnaur 5671
Manimahesh Kailash Bharmour (Chamba) 5656
Saltu Da Par Lahaul – Spiti 5660
Gushu Kinnaur 5607
Parangla Lahaul – Spiti 5577
Raldang Kinnaur 5499
Umasila Kullu 5294
Shitidhar Kullu 5290
Srikhanda Kullu 5182
Thamsar Chamba 5080
Lacha Lahaul – Spiti 5060
Murangla Lahaul – Spiti 5060
Shringla Lahaul – Spiti 4999
Inder Kila Kullu 4940
Pin Parbati Kullu 4800
Ghoralantinu Kullu – Kangra 4760
Patalsu Kullu 4470
Nagru Mandi 4400
Gauri Devi Ka Tibba Chamba 4030
Hargaran Lauhal – Spiti 3850
Narshing Tibba Chamba 3730
Choordhar Sirmaur 3647
Shacha Kullu 3540
Cholang Dhauladhar Range (Kangra) 3270

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8 thoughts on “Mountain Peaks in Himachal Pradesh

  1. Hit

    7025 m ki koi bhi choti Himachal main nahin hai.
    Na hi shilla choti Himachal main highest hai.

  2. Suresh K. Sharma

    Please update Himachal Pradesh March weekly current affairs

    1. Baljeet Singh

      At gya peak boundary of tibbat, spiti and ladakh meets

  3. Gaurav dutta

    Sir/ mam
    Where is Hanuman tibba whether in Kullu or kangra or common to both


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