Brief History of District Kinnaur

By | November 6, 2016

There is nothing much to know about the history of district Kinnaur as it was a part of Mahasu district till May 1, 1960. Chini Tehsil of Mahasu district named as Kinnaur became the sixth district of state of Himachal Pradesh. Kinnaur is also called as ‘Khunu’ and ‘Kurpa’. In Leh Kinnaur is called as ‘Maon’.

Geography of District Kinnaur:

  • Headquarter: Recong Peo
  • Altitude: 2769 meters
  • Languages spoken: Kinnauri (Hamskad), Sangnaur, Jangiam, Shumecho etc.
  • The District Kinnaur is situated 77°45’ and 79°00’35” East Longitude and between 31°55’50” and 32°05’15” North Latitude.
  • The largest village of the district Kinnaur is ‘Bhaba’.
  • There are many prominent valleys in District Kinnaur i.e. The Yula Valley, The Mulgaon Valley, The Satluj Valley, The Hangrang or Spiti Valley, The Ropa or Shyaso or Sunam Valley, The Baspa or Sangla Valley, The Tidong Valley, The Wangpoo or Bhaba Valley, The Gyathing or Nesang Valley, The Pejur or Lippa Valley, The Kashang Valley, Ribba Valley etc.
  • The historic village Kamru (Mone) is situated in Sangla Valley.
  • Tidong Valley is called as ‘a scene of savage grandeur’.
  • The lakes in the district Kinnaur are Nako Lake and Sarong Lake.
  • Ribba Valley is famous for grapes.

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