Brief History of District Hamirpur

By | November 7, 2016

History & Geography of Hamirpur:

  • Hamir Chand (1700 A.D. to 1740 A.D.) is said to be the founder of Hamirpur.

  • On 1st September 1972, Hamirpur was created as a separate district.
  • Tira Sujanpur was created by Raja Abhay Chand.
  • Sujanpur town was first visited by a German, named ‘Traveck’ and then by British traveler named ‘Moorcraft’.
  • Combined forces of Raja Ranjit Singh and Raja Sansar Chand defeated Gurkhas in A.D. 1809.
  • Jakh dhar lies in the district Hamirpur.
  • Palampur Tehsil was created in 1888 A.D.
  • Headquarter: Hamirpur
  • Altitude: 786 meters
  • Languages spoken: Kangri and Hindi
  • The district Hamirpur lies between East longitudes 76°18’ to 76°44’ and North latitude 31°52”30’.

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