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By | May 29, 2020

Aryabhatta Geo-informatics & Space Application Centre (AGiSAC):


The following objectives were envisaged for the State Centre:

  • To facilitate decentralized planning and decision making.
  • To facilitate Monitoring and Evaluation of Government Schemes & Programmes.
  • To set up an integrated natural resources data management system.
  • To provide services/consultancy based on specific user needs in the field of Remote Sensing and GIS.
  • To provide wider usage of geo-spatial applications through simultaneous support systems/ software.

Domain of Services

Geo-Informatics: AGiSAC shall endeavor for conceptualization, creation, and organization of multi-purpose common digital database for sectoral/integrated decision support systems.

Remote Sensing: For Inventorization, Mapping, Developmental Planning, and Monitoring of Natural & Man-made Resources.

Global Navigation Satellite System: For Location-based services, Geo-referencing, Engineering Application, and Research.

Cartography: For Thematic Mapping and Value-added maps.

Photogrammetry: For the creation of Digital Elevation Models, Terrain   Characteristics & Resource Planning.

Software Development: For wider usage of Geospatial applications, Decision Support Systems (Desktop as well as Web-based).

Mapping services: Mapping services to the Governments and Non-Governments Organizations for planning, documentation, and other purposes. Mapping services for Environment Impact Assessment  (EIA) and  Environment Management Plan (EMP). Mapping solutions to the Governments and Non-Governments Organizations for the purpose of EIA and EMP preparation and implementation monitoring.


Desktop Applications: A desktop application is a self-contained program that performs a defined set of tasks under the control of the user. The Desktop applications run from a local drive and do not require a network or connectivity to operate or function properly.

AGISAC shall provide easy functionality and adds on to the Map Window GIS, which is open-source software, which allows the display of various geospatial layers, visualization, comparison of datasets in form of maps and charts, user-defined complex mathematical and logical geospatial queries, integration of new datasets in GIS, low cost, user-friendly customized GIS solutions using Windows GIS can benefit several Departments.

Web Applications: A web-based application is a software package that can be accessed through the web-browser. The software and database reside on a central server rather than being installed on the desktop system and is accessed over a network from anywhere.

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