Brief History of District Sirmaur

By | November 6, 2016

History of District Sirmaur (Facts):

  • Sirmaur’s old name was ‘Surughna’.

  • During the reign of Jog Raj or Medni Prakash (A.D. 1678 onwards) the 10th Guru of Sikh’s, Guru Gobind Singh visited Sirmaur state.
  • Raja Fateh Prakash built ‘Sheesh Mahal’ and ‘Moti Mahal’.
  • ‘Mahima Library’ in Nahan was inaugurated by Maharaja Amar Prakash.

Other important information about district Sirmaur:

  • Headquarter: Nahan
  • Altitude: 933 meters
  • Languages spoken: Sirmauri and Hindi.
  • The district Sirmaur lies between 77°01’12” and 77°49’40” East longitude and 33°22’30” and 31°01’20” North latitude.
  • The district Sirmaur can be divided into three regions: 1) Trans- Giri (2) Cis- Giri (3) Kayar-da-dun valley or Panota Valley.
  • River Jalal flows between Sain Dhar and Dharthi Dhar. These Dhars are in Cis- Giri Region.
  • The major river flows through the district Sirmaur is Yamuna.
  • Tarik-i-Riyasat Sirmaur was compiled by Kanwar Ranzor Singh.
  • The fairs and festivals celebrated in the district Sirmaur are Vyas fair, Gandhi fair, Nag Naona fair, Bisu fair, Haryali fair, Renuka fair, Trilokpur, Holi fair et al.

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