Solved Paper HP Subordinate Allied Services Exam 2020 [Part-8] – HPPSC Shimla

By | February 9, 2020

141. Department of Fisheries. Govt. of H.P. under ‘Blue Revolution’ has envisaged construction of how many hectares new ponds and trout units in the State by 2022?

  1. 750 hectare new ponds and 750 trout units
  2. 1000 hectare new ponds and 1000 trout units
  3. 500 hectare new ponds and 500 trout units
  4. 2500 hectare new ponds and 2500 trout units

142. Which of the following is the driest place in Himachal Pradesh due to rain shadow effect?

  1. Kalpa
  2. Keylong
  3. Spiti
  4. Killar

143. Name the Aryan king who defeated the Kirata’s powerful king Shambar in the war that lasted for forty years?

  1. Sudas
  2. Bhardwaj
  3. Divodas
  4. Vashisht

144. ‘Praino’, ‘Jhanjrara’, ‘Damchaishish’ and ‘Doghri’ are the types of what, amongst the tribes of H.P.?

  1. Divorce
  2. Marriage
  3. Birth ceremony
  4. Death Custom

145. Which of the following fair was conceived by W. Goldstein’ the then Superintendent of Shimla Hill States?

  1. Shivratri
  2. Minjar
  3. Lavi
  4. Nalwari

Note: In the official answer key, the answer given is A which is incorrect. The right answer is D (Nalwari). 

146. Which of the following battle was fought on 28 January 1846 between the British led by Sir Harry Smith and the Sikhs led by Ranjodh Singh Majithia?

  1. Battle of Nadaun
  2. Battle of Sobraon
  3. Battle of Aliwal
  4. Battle of Sagauli

147. Who started a land revenue settlement in Chamba in 1876 which resulted in a considerable gain to the state finances?

  1. Mr. R. T. Burney
  2. Mr. John Harry
  3. Capitan Marshall
  4. Colonel Reid

148. Which Gram Panchayat of H. P. has been “selected among 20 Gram Panchayats from all over the country for the national level Rashtriya Gaurav Gram Panchayat award 2017?

  1. Rajpur
  2. Bir
  3. Kotla
  4. Kuther

149. Which is the highest peak of Kinnaur?

  1. Parasala
  2. Kinner Kailash
  3. Leo Pargial or Rio Pargual
  4. Manirang

150. Which of the following product is not registered under the Geographical Indications (Gl) of Goods Act, 1999?

  1. Kinnauri Shawl
  2. Kangra Tea
  3. Chamba Rumal
  4. Sirmauri Loe

151. Who amongst the following from Kullu was the member of an all-women Navy crew named ‘Tarini for circumnavigating the globe?

  1. Lieutenant Payal Gupta
  2. Lt. Commander Swati P.
  3. Lt. S. Vijya Devi
  4. Lt. Commander Pratibha Jamwal

152. Who is author of the book The Himalayan District of Kooloo, Lahaul and Spiti?

  1. J.C. French
  2. Herman Goetz
  3. A.F. P. Harcourt
  4. J. Buck

153. Match the following lists and the correct answer from given codes be selected

List – 1     List-2

  1. 1st voter of Indian Democracy – (A) Jaiwant Ram
  2. 1st Lieutenant Governor of H.P. – (B) K. L. Mehta
  3. 1st Speaker of H.P. Legislative Assembly – (C) Shyam Saran
  4. 1st Chief Secretary of H.P – (D) Himmat Singh



  1. DCAB
  2. CDBA
  3. CDAB
  4. DCAB

154. Who was the architect of ‘Gorton Castle’ at Shimla?

  1. Henry Irwin
  2. S. Jacob
  3. S. Harington.
  4. H. Wilson

155. To meet the sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030, what aim has been set up by the Dept. of Forests, to enhance the forest cover in the state:

  1. 50% of its geographical area
  2. 35% of its geographical area
  3. 30% of its geographical area
  4. 40% of its geographical area

156. What is the approximate contribution of the tourism sector to the State GDP?

  1. 5.5 Percent
  2. 6.6 Percent
  3. 4.4 percent
  4. 8.6 percent

157. Which is the pass at an elevation of 4890 meters where roads from Zanskar, Ladakh, Spiti and Lahaul meet?

  1. Baralacha Pass
  2. Darati Pass
  3. Rohtang Pass
  4. Charang Pass

158. Who according to famous philologist Greirsson were the earlier known Indo-Aryans of the Himalayan tract?

  1. Kinners
  2. Khasas
  3. Kirats
  4. Dasas

159. Who built the Bhutnath temple and founded the present Mandi town in 16 century?

  1. Raja Abar Sen
  2. Raja Suraj Sen
  3. Raja Ishwari Sen
  4. Raja Bhawani Sen

160. Which of the following paintings has got a Geographical Indicator (GI) that has given them a unique identity in the world market?

  1. Kangra Paintings
  2. Basholi Paintings
  3. Arki Paintings
  4. Chamba Paintings

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