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By | February 9, 2020

161. Who was considered one of the great masters of Pahari miniature painting, during the reign of Raja Sansar Chand of Kangra?

  1. Nikka
  2. Manaku
  3. NAinsukh
  4. Pandit Seu

162. Which of the following is the oldest princely state in Himachal Pradesh which finds mention in the Mahabharata, in the Puranas and the work of Panini?

  1. Kuluta
  2. Trigarta
  3. Kashgir
  4. Jalandhra

163. Who built the temple of Goddess Naina Devi on one of the seven Dhars, now called Dhar Naina Devi?

  1. Raja Bir Chand
  2. Raja Bhim Chand
  3. Raja Bijai Chand
  4. Raja Amar Chand

164. Which of the following district of H.P. was declared as a backward district among the 115 districts selected by the Govt. of India in keeping with its vision of a New India by 2022?

  1. Sirmaur
  2. Chamba
  3. Kangra
  4. Una

165. Under the Silk Production programme, a foreign species basic silk seed station is functioning at which place that produces commercial seeds?

  1. Bodh
  2. Nagrota
  3. Indora
  4. Jawali

166. Which valley of Kinnaur is connected with Uttrakhand with several passes?

  1. Bhabha Valley
  2. Baspa Valley
  3. Hangrang Valley
  4. Tidong Valley

167. In the year 1804, who was invited to invade Kangra (Sansar Chand) by the rulers of Bilaspur, Mandi, Chamba and other small rulers of the Kangra area jointly?

  1. Maharaja Ranjit Singh
  2. Adina Beg
  3. Amar Singh Thapa
  4. British

168. Name the ruler of Rampur Bushehr who received the Hangrang Valley from Tibet as a Jagir and also right to free trade between Tibet and Bushehr State

  1. Raja Shamsher Singh
  2. Raja Chatar Singh
  3. Raja Ugar Singh
  4. Raja Kehri Singh

169. Pin Valley has been declared a national wildlife conservation park for the protection of which animal?

  1. Yak
  2. Western Tragopan
  3. Snow Leopard
  4. Musk Deer

170. The idea of Viceregal Lodge was conceived by Lord Lytton, yet first to reside there was –

  1. Lord Ripon
  2. Lord Curzon
  3. Lord Minto
  4. Lord Dufferin

171. Who was the first and only recipient of ‘Tagore Samman’ from Himachal Pradesh?

  1. Deepu Sharma
  2. Gambhari Devi
  3. Basanti Devi
  4. Kamla Chadda

172. In which village of H.P. the country’s highest polling station has been set up at a height of 15256 feet?

  1. Tashigang
  2. Gete
  3. Hikkim
  4. Losar

173. Which of the following police station of Himachal Pradesh became the first police station of the state to have been linked with a Crime and Criminal Tracking Network System (CCTNS)?

  1. Sanjauli Police Station
  2. Chota Shimla Police Station
  3. Women Police Station BCS Shimla
  4. Police Station Dharampur

174. Match list – 1 and List – Il and select the correct answer from the codes below:

List-1                           List – 11

(i) Rongtong Hydro-Electric Project – (A) Chenab

(ii) Baner Hydro-electric Project – (B) Satluj

(iii) Giri Hydro-electrict Project – (C) Ravi

(iv) Chamera Hydro-electric Project – (D) Yamuna

(E) Beas

Choose the right answer:


  1. BDEC
  2. BEDC
  3. EBDA
  4. AEDC

175. How many villages have been identified in the State of H. P. during the year 2018-19 for creation of ‘Model Eco Villages’ an Environmentally Sound Sustainable Community Development Programme?

  1. 100
  2. 77
  3. 32
  4. 11

176. What was the plan outlay for ‘Roads and Bridges’ in Himachal Pradesh during the year 2018-19?

  1. 955.14 Crore
  2. 262.55 Crore
  3. 430.85 Crore
  4. 324.44 Crore

177. On 15th April 1948 which of the following princely states were merged into Himachal Pradesh without alteration of their boundaries?

  1. Chamba and Mandi
  2. Mandi and Suket
  3. Mahasu and Mandi
  4. Sirmaur and Chamba

178. Which of the following river is fed by the Himachal Pradesh’s largest glacier Bara Shigri?

  1. Ravi
  2. Beas
  3. Chenab
  4. Satluj

179. Who was the ruler of Bharmour during the later 7th century A.D. when the ‘Kashmiri Style of Art’ entered in H.P.?

  1. Aaditya Varman
  2. Meru Varman
  3. Lakshmi Varman
  4. Sahil Varman

180. Who were the earliest inhabitants migrants of Himachal?

  1. Nishads and Dasyus
  2. The Kolis or Mundas
  3. Mangoloid / Bhotas and Kiratas
  4. Aryans or Khasas

Note: In prehistoric times, Indo-Gangetic plains were inhabited by Proto-Australoid or Munda-speaking Kolarian people (Kol or Munda tribe). When the people of Indus valley spread through the Gangetic-plains, they pushed forward the Kolarian people northward to the Himachal valleys.

In the Vedas, they were called Dasas, Dasyus, Nishadas, Pishach, Kirat, Asuras, Arjeek, Gandharv, Gadhar et al.

In the post Vedic literature, they were mentioned as Kinnaras, Nagas, and Yakshas.

Kols, also known as Mundas, were the earliest and original migrants to the Himachal Hills.

Therefore, there were no original inhabitants rather Kols or Mundas were migrants to the Hills and inhabited the place. So the the right answer will be B (Munda or Kol).

Source: Mian Goverdhan Singh’s book: Page no 50

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