Wazir Ram Singh Pathania – A Freedom Fighter From Kangra

By | May 14, 2020

Ram Ram Singh Pathania Indian FighterSingh Pathania was born on 10 April 1824 at the residence of Shyam Singh, a minister of the state of Nurpur. His father was the minister of Raja Veer Singh in the state of Nurpur.

Due to the British-Sikh Convention in 1846, most of the princely states of Himachal Pradesh were under the British Empire. At the same time, King Veer Singh died. At that time his son Jaswant Singh was the successor of the throne. The British took all the rights of Jaswant Singh in five thousand Rupees and declared his union to be included in the principality, which was not approved by Veer Singh Pathania.

He joined forces with the Katoch Rajputs and made a call against the British. The British parted with this aggression and Ram Singh waved his flag. Being happy with this, Jaswant Singh appointed Ram Singh as his minister while appointing himself a king. After this, he planned to uproot all the British from Himachal and got the victory.

The British also knew that they could not arrest or kill Ram Singh easily. In this way, he made a conspiracy and when Ram Singh was reciting the worship, he was deceived by one of his friends named Pahar Chand at Dalle ki Dhar where he was arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment and sent to Kalapani. After that, they were sent to Rangoon and they were tortured very badly. Veergati was received on November 11, 1849, at the age of 24 only.

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