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By | May 4, 2020

Q. When/Where did Justice Mehar Chand Mahajan born?

Ans: Justice Mehar Chand Mahajan was born on 23rd December 1889 in a family of Mahajan Sahukars ‘residing in a tiny village Tikka Nagrota, district Kangra.

Q. About the family of Justice Mehar Chand Mahajan? 

Ans: His grandfather was Shri Chajju Shah and father Shri Babu Brij Lal. It was a large joint family.

Q. Story about his after birth of being inauspicious? 


  • Immediately after his birth, he was declared inauspicious and it was advised that his father must not see his face for 12  years. In violation of it, a consequence may be very serious as it was told by the astrologers.
  • Ultimately he was sent away & brought up by a Rajpur family of Mayya and Rugtu, whose son Gopalu was without any child.
  • Babu Brij Lal, who was a staunch believer in astrology, called a conference of highly learned people in the field and asked them to reconsider his child’s future.
  • This conference continued for a few days and finally, they gave their verdict in favour of the exiled child and declared him very lucky and would either become a Judge or a Minister.
  • He was brought back from his exile at the age of seven.

Q. What was the education qualification of Justice Mehar Chand Mahajan? 


  • He had his primary education at Nurpur.
  • At the age of twelve, he was put in the Arya School, Dharamshala, and later on district board High School, Palampur.
  • He was sent to Lahore in 1905 and joined Central Model School, did his Matric from the same school.
  • Later on, he joined Government College, Lahore, and did graduation in 1910 with History (Hons).
  • He did his LLB from law college, Lahore in 1912.

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Q. About the personal life of Justice Mehar Chand Mahajan? 


  • Justice Mehar Chand Mahajan had his first marriage in 1910 with Kesari Devi daughter of Lala Ni Lal of Shahpur Kandi (district Gurdaspur).
  • His first wife died in 1921 remarried in 1922.
  • He had four children from his first marriage.
  • His first son Daya Krishan was born in 1913.

Q. About the professional career of Justice Mehar Chand Mahajan? 


  • Mr. Mahajan spent early years in Gurdaspur and Lahore district courts; appointed as a judge of Lahore High Court on 27th September 1943.
  • After partition, he was appointed to the East Punjab High Court and then was appointed as Prime Minister of Kashmir.
  • He was also a Constitutional Adviser to the state of Bikaner.
  • He was appointed to the Federal Court on 1st October 1948.
  • He was third Cheif Justice of India (Supreme Court) from 4th January 1954 to 23rd December 1954.

Q. What is the name of Justice Mehar Chand Mahajan’s biography? 

Ans: The name of Justice Mehar Chand Mahajan’s biography is ‘Looking Back‘.

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