HAS/HPAS Mains 2021: Daily Answer Writing Practice Set – 25 [General Studies-3]

By | July 18, 2021

Note: Attempt all questions. The answer should be limited to a maximum of 500 words in each case. Each question carries 20 marks.

1.  It is true that treaty of Versailles became the main cause for emergence of Nazism in Germany, and Second World War? Discuss.

2. What are the major feature of Mathura art of sculpture and how it is different from Gandhar School of art?

3 What is the difference between Beth and Begar and why they were considered as evil in
Himachal Pradesh?

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  2. Physiographic Divisions of Himachal Pradesh
  3. Prominent Valleys of Himachal Pradesh
  4. Mountain Peaks of Himachal Pradesh
  5. Mountain Passes and Jots of Himachal Pradesh
  6. Glaciers in Himachal Pradesh
  7. River System of Himachal Pradesh
  8. Lakes of Himachal Pradesh
  9. Hot Water Springs of Himachal Pradesh

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