Smt. Gauran Devi – A Freedom Fighter from Shimla

By | May 17, 2020

Smt. Gauran Devi w/o late Dr. L.C. Dutt, born in 1895, in Rawalpindi (Pakistan). She was an active national volunteer in Freedom Movement from 1921-47.

Smt. Gauran Devi now a resident of Kishore Cottage, Shimla. 

Smt. Gauran Devi did commendable work in the ‘Swaraj Movement‘ and was a close aide of Gandhiji. She used to go to rural areas and towns in open, arousing national spirit among the masses.

She organized a number of public meetings for the cause of national awakening.

To set an example for others, burnt her own clothes first during the movement launched for burning foreign clothes in 1984.

Smt. Gauran Devi was awarded the ‘Jamna Lal Bajaj Award‘, for community service.

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