Shri Bhai Hirda Ram – A Revolutionary from District Mandi

By | May 8, 2020

Q. Where/When did Shri Bhai Hirda Ram born? 

Ans: Shri Bhai Hirda Ram was born on 28th November 1885, at Mandi town in district Mandi.

Q. About the family and education of Shri Bhai Hirda Ram?

Ans: His father Gajjan Singh was a goldsmith by profession and sent him to local middle school for his education.

Q. What was the source of inspiration for Shri Bhai Hirda Ram to join the freedom movement? 


  • During his school years, he read a few books and magazines and was attracted to the lives of revolutionaries fighting for the freedom of India.
  • The newspapers published by ‘Gadhar party‘ and Swami Krishna Nand became a source of inspiration for him.
  • Among revolutionaries, he was famous as ‘Bhai Ji’.

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Q. Role of Shri Bhai Hirda Ram in freedom struggle? 


  • In 1914 at Amritsar, he came in touch with Ras Bihari Bose, Dr. Manhra Singh, Bhai Parmanand, and Pingle.
  • He became a confidant of Mr. Ras Bihari Bose.
  • On 31st December 1914 at Veerpali Dharamshala, in the meetings of comrades, he was given the duty of making bombs.

Q. What were the centers of activities of Shri Bhai Hirda Ram? 

Ans: Lahore, Amritsar, and Mandi were the center of his activities.

Q. In which case, Shri Bhai Hirda Ram was sent to Jail?


  • The Ghadar party had a fixed date of February 21, 1915, for starting the Ghadar (revolt against the British regime) but the British government came to know about the plan and all revolutionaries including Bhai Hirda Ram were arrested.
  • He was sent to Lahore jail in the ‘Lahore Bomb Conspiracy case and tried along with 81 other revolutionaries.
  • It was only through a mercy petition by his wife Sarla, who was only 13 years of age at that time, the death penalty was converted into life imprisonment.
  • He spent his life term in Andaman and Nicobar Cellular jail better known as Kala Pani Jail.
  • In jail also he protested against torture of Veer Savarkar, as a result of which he was confined to a solitary cell.
  • He was released from the jail in 1929.
  • Ram returned to his hometown, Mandi, in 1929.

Q. When did Shri Bhai Hirda Ram die?

Ans: Freedom fighter Shri Bhai Hirda Ram died on August 21, 1965, in Shimla.

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